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Alderson's Ferry
 "In 1789 by legislative grant from the Virginia assembly to Elder John Alderson, a ferry across the river was established. This ferry was just below the present location of the railroad station. On old maps the place is named Alderson's Ferry. Prior to the coming of the railroad Alderson's Ferry was a small farming community. It was not close to any of the three county seats; it had little industry except small mills. In 1868 the C & O Railroad Co. was organized and by 1872 had made it way to the Alderson area. It also made a town out of Alderson's Ferry. Previously plagued by poor roads and isolation, the little village now boomed. Lumber, tanbark, cross ties, and live stock could be shipped to market. People could travel. Alderson's Ferry was in communication by telegraph with the world. Freight could be shipped in. The village was not depended on a road wagon and a team of horses or oxen, for commerce or travel." [Tourism - > History- > History - Civil War - > History - Frontier]
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